I will soon be referring to loos and lorries.

Shortly after Thanksgiving, I told LauraSiobhan that I wanted a kettle like hers for Christmas. I wanted it to be non-whistling and attractive enough I could leave it on the counter all the time. She accepted this mission with great enthusiasm and on Christmas day I opened this wonder of a kitchen tool.

I must confess to you all, Internet, that one of the main reasons I love this kettle, other than the fact that the Puddin' is no longer using our under-sized Paul Revere kettle on the stove that would throw boiling water all over EVERYTHING, is that it makes me feel very British. Rich has been known to proclaim that he feels "like a cuppa" and after I look at him and blink exactly twice in blank-faced "I don't even know who you are anymore" wonder, I agree that tea sounds great.

We use this fancy little kettle for oatmeal, green tea, hot chocolate, Lady Grey tea, vegetarian cup-a-soups, and occasionally some herbal echinacea tea. It's just like we're in London, except our quaint little kitchen is huge in comparison and our clothes washer is far far away in a laundry room. Oh, and there's none of that creepy sausage in our fridge.

Cheerio, y'all!