WoW Battlegrounds Monitor

So since Rich won't tell the world about his clever idea (but has told a few people in person with much embarrassment), I'm forced to broadcast it for him. The Puddin' has been playing a fair amount of WoW and now that his main character is at level 60, he's been playing a lot of Battlegrounds. But there has been a bit of consternation when he queues up to play and 45 minutes later finds out that he missed his turn because he wasn't in the room when the distinctive Battlegrounds sound went off and alerted him it was time to get in the game.

We went through several weeks of him walking back into the computer room every 2 minutes, but that got old really fast. (To let you in on a secret, the Puddin' can be a bit compulsive at times.) So he came up with a brilliant idea.

A trip to Wal-Mart and $20 later, we now have our very own Battlegrounds Monitor, courtesy of Safety 1st. Rich bought a very cheap baby monitor and hooked the transmitting box up in front of the speaker. He then can clip the receiver onto his belt and wander around the house doing laundry or talking to me or playing X-Box in the living room (talk about multi-tasking) and never miss out on another opportunity to kick some Horde ass. It works great!

So if you are a frustrated WoW player or a frustrated partner of a WoW player who can't leave the computer because there's only 15 minutes left in the queue, get thee to a baby department STAT! We're considering painting some in Warcraft themes and market them to ThinkGeek or the like.

P.S. The icon came from my trip to the dentist. The full image is here. I love my cameras.