Do You Know the Way to San Jose?

For those astute and avid readers of Message in a Bottle, you may have noticed I mentioned BlogHer in my previous entry. I have not only reserved a hotel room at super discount rates, but I registered for the conference itself last night. And thus begins the panic over what to wear! I need something that says stylish-but-not-standoffish so that people will know just by looking at me that pure genius prose is all they'll find on my blog ... and a lot of cat photos. A lot of the blogs I read are "mommy bloggers," which I cringe at typing those words for all the stereotypes that they convey but lack a better definition. For that matter, most of the blogs I read are women. And I don't know if this says more about me or more about the blogs - probably some of both. So I'm curious to see how I fit in amongst a conference of my peers, as it were.

The Puddin' is tagging along as my trophy boyfriend and will be attending the "cocktail parties" each evening (and every time I say cocktail, I giggle in a completely immature fashion). But mostly I'm excited about going because it's something for me. I have an intense interest in the internet and hearing other peoples' stories as well as having an excuse to tell mine. Ugh, I'm going to stop talking about this before this sounds even more like a job interview or personals ad. Single white female looking for increased traffic, ad space and click thrus - no fat chicks*.

And on that note, I present my cowboy boots in all their sharky glory.

* Yes, fat chicks would be fine and no, I'm not really that obnoxious. As long as those fat chicks have good RSS feeds.