Turkey Day Weekend

We went up to NoVA to visit friends this weekend. Thursday night we showed up at LauraSiobhan's. All I can say is Laura and I need adult supervision if we're going to be left to come up with our own entertainment. Laura's mom had this polyester jumpsuit that she saved for Laura, saying she might be able to use it for a Halloween costume. Laura tried it on, but it was ... tight ... to say the least. So I immediately wanted to try it on myself to see what it would look like. I was happy to squeeze into it and laugh at how it wouldn't close. But then Rich said that it looked like a superhero outfit. And well, then we got out of hand.

See Laura had these shoes. And then we built this ridiculous outfit and needed to take pictures of it. And it was really hard to take the pictures while hopping around trying not to pee from laughing. We quickly moved from the shower curtain backdrop to the living room.

Apparently if I were a super hero in this outfit, my super power would be the camel toe, because each photo was preceded by my digging the suit out of my crotch.

Oh, and then Rich and Kevin decapitated a chocolate turkey.

Check it out!