Sorting, sorting, sorting

While the Puddin' has been away, I've been taking this opportunity to do some sorting of various crap around the house. Recently, this has involved vacuuming the living room (including the sofa) and spreading a box of papers out to sort into recycle, shred or file-worthy piles. I've learned a few things over the past few days ...

  • At some point in my life I thought "keeping important papers" meant keeping everything. This includes restaurant receipts from 2002.
  • Restaurant receipts from three years ago, particularly those on thermal paper, are completely illegible and worthless.
  • I get more angry at mail sent to Jeni, Jeanie, Geniveive, Genny, or Jamie (?!) than at mail addressed to my previous married name.
  • Most of my utilities are in my previous married name (and some are also to Jeni as well for good measure).

So I'm making a lot of progress on that front but not so much on the writing. I'm sorta okay with this in the short term as I'm still recovering from being sick and generally trying to do whatever I can to distract myself from the fact I miss the Puddin'. I'm hoping my voice will be back to podcasting quality in a few days as I've got a lot about which to ramble. But for now I think I'll go back to sorting papers in the floor and watching so many episodes of Law & Order they become one giant case about wife-abusing diamond smugglers who kidnap children to peddle their estates.