So what do you do?

We just were at the rehersal dinner for Byron and Sarah's wedding this evening. And a friend of Rich's, Jay, asked me what I did in the SCA. It was kind of an odd question, but a valid one. And I didn't really have an answer. I could tell him things I did a long time ago (back in the day when I was a baroness in Southwest VA). And I could mention things that I plan on doing in the near future (perhaps finally picking up an epee and doing something with it besides taunt the cats). But as for right now? In some statement that could be made in under an hour of rambling? Um ... not much.

Part of me is okay with that. The times when I was doing a lot in the SCA were not necessarily some of the happiest times for me ("Oh you kids go off and have fun, I'll stay here and die a slow documentable medieval death."). But I think now I'm ready to do something. I feel like a newbie all over again. But I'm stuck somewhere between boundless energy and withering cynicism at the moment. Look for me at your next local event causing trouble while I try to find something to do all day.