Nice Pants

I am so pleased with my new pants. All this week, I've been wearing pants that were in the bottom of my bureau to see if I liked any of them or if they were just in there waiting for me to shrink two inches. Every night I've come home and pulled the offending pants off and dump them into the "get out of my house" pile to donate.

This morning I looked at my other pants in the bureau waiting for me to test them out and couldn't go one more day with my bare ankles hanging out for all the world to see while all these new clothes went untouched. So I wore my new stretch twill jeans in a size 14 tall (so many 14 talls in my new clothing selections) and I've been in Pants Heaven all day!

If anything they're a smidge too long. We'll see if they shrink in the wash.

Would you believe this is with my legs crossed?! No ankles to be seen here!

Now just to start wearing those long-sleeved shirts that cover my wrists. I may be unbearable at that point.