Working a Mic

I've done a lot in the last 72 hours. And I've spent a lot of time at the Guitar Center buying a lot of equipment in the last 72 hours. But I think it's all going to be great. I'll compile a list of materials very soon to explain all the crap, but needless to say, I have a makeshift recording studio in our office as well as a "travel kit" to take on the road. I feel obligated, though, to at least give a bit of explanation about the following link. I sing and hum constantly. And one of my joys is either meowing the lyrics to songs or replacing the lyrics with those pertinent to the cats (Genie = crazy cat lady). So this is what I do in the car all the time. As an experiment for my new recording equipment, I've been recording Rich and myself in the car.

And with that introduction, I present ...

Kitty Karaoke: Episode #1 (mp3 format, 1.47MB, not safe for work, thanks to Rich's potty mouth)