The next day ...

Dammit, I miss that little dog. It's even harder for Rich since he works from home and Connor would faithfully lie directly behind his office chair so he would have to check before backing up from the desk. Everytime we check now, we just get sad. Maybe once we get his ashes we can get them put in a stoneware Scotty shaped doorstop and set it directly behind our chairs in the office.

I've always been a "bury in the backyard" kind of gal. So it was very hard to walk out of the vet's office and leave Connor there. Even when I was a kid, it was somehow consoling for me to hold my dead pet's body and help Dad bury our furry family member.

I read once where some hospitals have let families take their loved ones home for a few days before going to the funeral home - harkening back to the days of a wake in your own living room. On a certain level that really appeals to me.

I told Rich that he's the only man in the house now. He said he would work hard to continue the lying about and farting and begging for food that Connor had down to an artform.