There's always room for Jello

I made a jello mold last night. And lo, it was good.

The contents included 12 small packets of orange sugar free jello (Kroger brand - 3 for $1) and 8 cups of water. I put it in the fridge and it set up within a few hours but I left it alone until morning. Then I had my fun. As a note, it tasted completely nasty and next time I'll try Jello brand and replace some of the packets with unflavored gelatin. Everything it touched became instantly orange. Hours later, my left hand is still orange like I dipped it in cheap sunless-tanning goo.

Behold the castle in action (with sound)!

Castle in motion - 5.6MB mpeg, 14 sec.

Rich walks in and gets involved - 3.6MB mpeg, 9 sec.

Rich gets very involved - 4.0MB mpeg, 10 sec.

Punch test (sorta) - 2.9MB mpeg, 7 sec.