Duh - DAR

I won't go into all the gorey details of my weekend because it would be long and tedious and even though it's only Monday evening I'm not even all that interested in what happened. But I'll recap by saying we went to see do his improv (it was very cool), I got angsty about the dog's health (that was not so cool), I went to 's 30th birthday party (super cool), I ran over a nail and got a flat tire (not so cool, but cool to use BMW full size spare and run flat tires), and I co-chilled with my most mistressy of mistresses, for a bit of the weekend (way cool and something that doesn't happen nearly enough). Last week was a whirlwind of activity in general and I got tuckered out from it all. Tuesday was craft night where I successfully painted a water dish for the cat (Genie = crazy cat lady), Wednesday I helped with some sewing, and Thursday I helped a few other local folks with sewing. Funny story about that ...

Catherine came over to help out and to learn how I make my tunics from rectangles and triangles. She was very helpful and worked with Brian to get him three tunics cut out and one completely sewn. Bless his heart, he may have clothes for the week yet.

We were winding down and she was chatting with me in the living room. The topic of geneology came up and she mentioned that she was going to West Virginia to look up some paperwork for her family. I nodded. She then looked at me and whispered, "I'm hoping to get into the DAR."

I had no idea what she was talking about. Those three letters meant nothing to me. In my cluelessness I assumed she meant some sort of building like the West Virginian Library of Congress. She said she even had to go before a board and get voted on before she could get in. I kept nodding and mm-hmming like I was following along, but the entire time I was desperately trying to figure out what building or government office would be called the DAR and what kind of birth records they would have. And having to get voted on?! They must x-ray you before they let you in the building!

This went on for about 15 minutes until I realized she was talking about that DAR. It was all I could do to not smack my forehead with the heal of my hand. Hopefully she didn't notice. Best of luck to her and her fellow daughters.