Dammit Dog, Come Inside!

Lots of mundane things going on these days. I moved my web site from one provider to another. And because I can be a little compulsive about things it took way longer than it needed to. So if you notice over the next few days anything weird in the pics.inabottle.org world, let me know. Avid readers will remember there was an adorable kitten we picked up off the street that needed a home. I convinced my co-worker Matt to take him and they are like some Odd Couple sitcom and utterly perfect together. He's well on his way to crazy cat lady land.

Oh, and Emily went to the vet to get "tutored" (went to get "paid"?) last week. She did amazingly well and is recovering nicely. She goes gets her sutures taken out on Monday. But because at heart I am a crazy cat lady, I was worried about her hopping up to get to her food and water (in a secure location away from the cat food thieving dogs in the house). So I built her stairs. Rich made fun of them, but I squeal with joy when I come in and find her using them.

My eyes are doing much better these days. I'm at the stage now where I see fine all day long but around 10pm I think "man, I can't wait to take my contacts out so my eyes won't feel so weird." Oh ... right ...

And the surgery did nothing for my craptacular night vision since I just went out back and was fussing at the azalea bush to come inside while the black Scottish Terrier was hopping around behind me in the middle of the lawn.