Go ahead ... ask me what it's like. It's fucking infuriating!

Monday I went to the eye doctor for my one week check up following lasik surgery. I complained to the nurse that I was frustrated with my vision. That while I could see, everything was kind of hazy and that was getting me down. I admitted to being a bit impatient about the whole thing and she told me that these things take time.

She then walked me into the office and tested my eyes. The eye test and the fact that I could read O P Z N T 2 on the wall supposedly mean that I have 20/15 vision in my left eye and 20/25 in my right (avid readers will remember that I had 20/40 in my right eye a bit over a week ago).

I talked to the doctor and told him that while I could see, I was frustrated that my right eye was definitely giving the Glamour Shot filter some heavy use. He basically told me my eyes are fine and everything is going great. But I don't want to just be able to see 20/25 with a soft glow to the world. I want to be able to see through space and time. Space and time, dammit!

He just smiled and added, "In fact, your doing so well, I'm going to give you this t-shirt. But don't show it to anyone in the lobby because not everyone gets one."

I have a follow up appointment in three months. I don't think he wants me wearing that t-shirt for awhile. While I'm happy that I can see and don't have to wear glasses anymore, I just hoped the healing process would have been a bit faster or they would have spent less time telling me how the procedure takes less than one minute per eye and explaining that the healing process is longer than one minute per eye by a long shot.

My eyeballs are dry and achy so I should go to bed. But this cheered me up a bit:

Miss Kitterson and the Puddin' playing WoW (~1MB mpg format and safe for work)