A tiny ALA recap

In all my griping about my eyeballs, I neglected to mention how my trip to Chicago was last week. We went for a conference in the "windy city" and a good time was had by all. Other than my drinking way too much on Saturday night, it was a fine trip. Behind the lj tag are some pics of interest.

We saw this sign on the way to dinner and I thought it was handsome.

Because I am secretly a 12-year-old boy, I found this hilarious.

Baker & Genie & Taylor

Baker & Taylor was the publishing company with a booth across the aisle from us. And they had scheduled opportunities to have your picture taken with the cats (for which the company is named). We figured that working in the cat suit was part of the employee negative reinforcement for your sales not being up last quarter. But the cats made me ridiculously happy.

Oh, and I went to the Graphic Novel Pavilion in the exhibit hall and shook hands with Terry Moore of Strangers in Paradise fame, had a graphic novel signed by Gene Ha (and chatted with him about being left-handed) and goobed with the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund folk. That and I got a free copy of Dungeons & Dragons for Dummies which is actually a pretty cool book. Going to that section of the exhibits makes me feel good because the people in the booths are interested in talking to me about their products as opposed to me trying to pimp our products.