Stupid eyeballs

I should be really excited. On Friday, I had custom cornea lasik surgery to hopefully remove my need for glasses or contacts for quite a while. But the healing process is going slowly for me and I'm being surly about it. Today is the first day I can use the computer for more than 15 minutes at a time (and that's at a significantly reduced resolution from normal). My eyes have been tired and achy and sore since Friday. I'm ridiculously light sensitive. And the whole thing is making me really cranky. I must say, the Puddin' gets a medal of honor for putting up with me for the past four days. I've been a real pain in the ass for most of it. My next follow up appointment is on the 11th. I suppose they will update me on what my vision is then. They said that on Saturday my left eye was 20/15 and my right eye was 20/40, but I'm not sure how they got a number from my right eye since everything looks like I'm looking through Vaseline. That eye is the one that is taking longer to heal, supposedly (hence the Vaseline-vision effect).

So I'm just grumping about the house because I can't read or work on my small guage knitting but can only watch TV and work on my large guage knitting. Woe is me.