Golden Corral receipt policies

When you go to Golden Corral, they give you two receipts. One is your receipt with the itemized items on it, the total, a portion of your credit card number etc. The other is a slip that says how many people are dining at the buffet and has a space for the server to sign/initial it. My procedure has been to take the credit card receipt and put that in my bag. I am one of those people who actually enters my receipts into a software program to reconcile my checking account, so keeping the receipt free of iced tea and syrup pleases me.

Our waitress was very upset that I had squirreled away the credit card receipt as she said she had to initial that copy. I asked her why since I was going to keep it. She said that if her manager came by and that copy were not initialed she would get in trouble. But through some Sherlock Holmes all-you-care-to-eat reasoning, I figured out the real deal. The only difference in the two receipts is the total is on the one I keep (including any tip that was placed on the credit card) and not on hers. She wants to know up front whether I already tipped her on the card or if she should expect cash on the table. And if I tipped her up front, how much said tip is.

I understand that tips are the majority of her income, and I'm a pretty generous tipper. But to come back and insist that I show her the receipt and make up some random reason having to do with some Golden Corral policy? Bah on her. I must be getting more curmudgeony about restaurants. I was tempted to lecture her but restained myself. That whole adage about never argue with a fool came to mind. But in general I don't like it when people assume I'm too dumb to know the petty reasons they want me to do something.