Looking for LJ friends ... in all the wrong places ...

I am a LiveJournal snob. I just went browsing around looking for interesting people who live in my area. There are none. Not a single one. I should note that I'm feeling a little cranky this evening so my restrictions were pretty tight. Things that would remove you from my potential friends list: - Your LiveJournal username has more numbers than letters or looks like a personalized license plate that only you and your circle of friends understand. - Your LJ icon is offensive. - Your user info says you were born before after (whoops) 1982 (give or take). Yeah, it's age discrimination, but I don't want to read about your ring dance or whether you failed your math test. - You can't type for crap. Or if you literally type about your or anyone else's l33t $k!11z.

So after filtering out those crazies, the only people on LiveJournal in my area are either in the Navy or obsessed with Jesus (I'm assuming at Regent University). One dude's name was something like "gunner4life". Yeah ... not my type.

So no new friends for me tonight. Everyone is stupid and ugly (present company excluded, of course).