Weekend in Review

Howdy there. Let's recap the past few days. Friday night we went out to Trogdor's for my birthday dinner. I feel like we ate one of everything on the menu, when really we just had an appetizer, dinner and dessert. But it was so fantastically good, I just wanted to keep eating. That's been a theme for me the past few weeks anyways, the whole constantly hungry thing. Bah on that.

Saturday during the day we filled the shed with all the random crap from around the house. I'm happy to report that there are entire rooms in which we have reclaimed the floor space. We picked up the forth bookcase for the guest room and filled it with random books and crap. It is super fine. Saturday also had some angst for us that bled over all the way through last night. But it's all resolved now and life is very good chez GenieAlisa and Puddin'.

We watched Star Wars last night. It was horrifically cheesey. I try to remind myself that most of those movies were cheesey. But this one seemed rushed to me. Like there was a lot of ground to cover and not much time to do it in. As if Mr. Lucas sat down with his legal pad to outline the movie and suddenly said to himself, "Jesus Christ! I've got a lot of stuff to explain! People become evil, lots of people die, babies have to get conceived and born (note to self ... look into collapsible cup delivery chute designs) and there needs to be some dialogue in there too!" I'm not an avid enough fan to be curmudgeon-y about it. But I shook my head at the "NOOOOOO!" scene. *sigh*

Me (watching the senator and his wife look lovingly upon their adopted Princess Leia): Don't you think she would notice she doesn't look much like her parents?

Rich: I think they're just happy they got a white baby.