baby needs a new pair of shoes

I spent over an hour in the shoe store today and actually left with fewer shoes than what I came in with. I bought a very cool pair of sandals yesterday at the Walking Company. I thought they were perfect. But they were a size 40 and I really needed a 41. But the dude was all about giving me the American size 10 regardless of what European size I told him. I assumed he didn't have a 41 and just went with it. Silly me. I angsted over the stupid shoes and then brought them back today to trade for a larger size. And of course they were too big. The foot bed was perfect, but the leather upper was too floppy and there wasn't an option to tighten the straps. I mourned those shoes. I spent the next hour looking at every damn black sandal in the store trying to find something that I liked. The one shoe that I liked they didn't have in my size. *pout* So no shoes for me. I did come back out with a good chunk of change in exchange for the shoes I returned. But I would rather have had the perfect pair of shoes. Four more stores later and still no shoes for me. Apparently I have mutantly long but narrow and thin (vertically) feet. I'm doomed to a life of crappy shoes.

Oh, and my aesthetician's daughter was bitten by a great dane this afternoon so I have to reschedule my appointment for tomorrow (which I found out when I walked in the salon as I'm too stupid to check my own cell phone's voicemail). So I remain hairy until tomorrow at 6:15pm.

Hairy and barefoot ... woe is me.