I'm sure brass plaques are period ...

So is there such a thing as a bike seat that doesn’t make your ass hurt? I thought I had bought a really nice bike seat that was all padded and cushiony but my ... junction … really hurts. Must research that more before the Puddin’ and I go for any more long bike rides. We had such a good weekend. We rode our bikes all over the neighborhood and trimmed some trees in the backyard and went out for a very fine sushi dinner. I’ve finally picked out the perfect shed (which is about three times what I had originally planned on spending on a shed) and it is being delivered and assembled on the 16th of this month. I think this makes me very domestic as I keep hopping around the house telling the Puddin’ how excited I am about the potential shed.

I have gotten into this gardening craze (and added the appropriate LJ communities to my interests so as too overpopulate my friends list with all kinds of comments on geraniums versus chrysanthemums) and am feeling a bit intimidated. So I’ve been reading up a lot on it and hoping to feel a bit more clue-ful before this planting season is over. We shall see.

Rich won his hockey championship last night and it was a huge deal. He’s been kinda angsty about it for about two weeks and I’m really happy for him that it went so well. It was nice to take their picture and hang out in the locker room after the game and get some beers before heading home. Go Puddin’!

This morning he left for Simi Valley, California and won’t be back until the morning of the 20th. I’m leaving this upcoming Saturday to spend a week out there with him to break up the time apart. We’re planning on doing lots of stereotypical tourist-y things in LA so if you have any ideas, be sure to let me know. I am particularly interested in a sushi restaurant out there. There have to be at least one or two Japanese people living in California.

And I’m still working on this damn tent. I am determined to finish it in time for Memorial Day weekend. I may spend the entire weekend sleeping in my brand new tent, but it will be done, done, DONE! has been a huge help and I may have to add a brass plaque inside it in her honor.