Big Money ... *yawn* ... No Whammies

I'm am a big winner! We ventured on a training trip on the eastern shore yesterday and since we were soooo close to Atlantic City, we decided to stay overnight there instead of somewhere in PeanutLand, USA. We assumed that on a Wednesday it would be pretty slow, but apparently the old people have no schedule restrictions. Harrahs was packed. I had gotten approximately 4 hours of sleep the night before so I was feeling worn out. But we had reservations at 'Cesca (some Italian restaurant) and I was starving. My food was soooo good. I thought to myself, "oh, this will be a good end to my day. I'm too tired to gamble." I'm silly that way.

So I got out a little bit of play money ... and by 10:45pm had managed to throw most of it in the street. I decided to go upstairs and call the Puddin' before he went to bed. The error of my ways was lying down on the bed to talk to him. Suddenly I was very sleepy. So I toyed with the idea of going to bed, but was determined to throw that last bit of money in the street. I literally stumbled my way back downstairs, all droopy eyed and yawning. I may as well have been in sweatpants and slippers I was so zoned out.

But my persistance paid off this time! I turned my last few dollars into winning back all my money and more than doubling it. Best 45 minutes of desperately needed sleep I ever lost. I must still be excited about my winnings because I don't really feel sleepy. Ask me again this afternoon, though.

I think with my new winnings I can upgrade from the 10x12 shed to the 10x14. Woohoo! Free storage!