Making the Most of my Week

This whole week has been the "little week that could" for me. My wrists hurt. I'm afraid that I'm getting that trendy carpel tunnel crap that is all the rage in folks who type for a living. Ironically, I think it's the knitting that did me in. But I'm fighting back in the form of Advil and some super keen wrist braces (thank you, Susie!) that I've been trying from about 8pm til the next morning. I'm not wearing them now and should be, but it makes it hard to type. Poo. I, like everyone else who went to Coronation, spent the weekend covered in mud. But I have rallied in that I've washed all the garb and clothes (after hosing them off in Jason and Shannon's driveway). And I was proud of my mud driving skills in getting Gorm's truck un-stuck. Oh, and I celebrated by paying a lot of money to get the car detailed. But they used compressed air and shampooed my carpets and the car looks amazing. A nice treat after the weekend of dirt.

Upon returning home from our trip, I have been unable to find my cell phone charger. Since that phone is my primary phone most of the time, it's been important to keep it charged. So it's been getting a lot of quality time in the car, charging its heart out. Ironically, when I had finally lost all patience and written it off to the mud somewhere in Maryland, I found it. Oh and I found a desktop charger for it as well so now I have two.

My cell phone, not to be undone, decided to sabotage its own headset jack. Since I must use the headset to keep from going insane or wrecking the car, I went through a perfectly logical tirade about how the phone was ruined and Sprint was a bunch of bastards and I don't know why anyone even uses phones if they're this horrible. And then I realized that my phone supports BlueTooth. So I bought myself a BlueTooth headset so it doesn't need to use the jack and will call Sprint at my convenience to have them replace the phone. I managed to turn a crappy phone into another new toy.

I think Regan made me sick this weekend as well. She was Senorita Snots-a-lot and desperately wanted to give me eskimo kisses and snuggle. So I ended up with a fair amount of toddler snot on me. But the good news is my religious regimen of Zicam, Vitamin C and DayQuil have been fending it off so far. If it says anything, I can still breath through my nose.

Oh, and I got a free chair from my brother. I was complaining that perhaps my old chair was part of my problem of my wrists hurting as it wasn't tall enough. And my brother happened to have a spare chair which he brought over and helped me assemble last night. So I'm riding high and living easy (part of why I can still be typing at this hour). The office chair circle of life has moved my chair to the Puddin's desk and his old pink (light red, he says) 398 lb. office chair has gone to the thrift store.

Lastly, I lost my mind Sunday night when I realized that WoW wasn't working on the laptop all of a sudden. I was hoping the Puddin' could take it with him so we could play together while he was out of town this week. And it just wasn't meant to be. The machine was acting "wonky" (that's a technical term) and I eventually reinstalled it from scratch (that'll show it) and reinstalled WoW. Two days, 4 cd's and 150MB worth of patches later, we have a working portable WoW machine. It still didn't make it on the trip with the Puddin' but at least it's working for my own sanity and faith in my technical skills (or should that be sk1||z).

The only major thing left on my list of things to do before the Puddin's gets home is to wash the dog. So I think the theme for the last few days has been turning lemons into lemonade. Or at least mud into mud pie.