Name 10 things

I have other things to update you all on soon, but here are my 10 things. I just want it noted for the record that I think this will be the very first meme I have ever answered online in the four years I’ve been keeping an online journal. I’m not sure what that says about me other than I used to think myself pretty cool for not posting memes and now just don’t care because I enjoyed myself making this list. I ran out of things that I have done, so started adding things that I haven’t done that most people have towards the end. With no further ado … 1. I am a Type I insulin dependent diabetic using an insulin pump. There are 1.3 million diabetics in the US, only 10% of which are Type I. Of those, less than 20% use insulin pumps. I supposed this makes me a minority within a minority within a minority.

2. I was attacked by a collie when I was four who mauled my face. Imagine my father combing the neighbor’s yard looking for his daughter’s nose. All I have to say is plastic surgeons rock.

3. Every year my family makes molasses on the family farm (on the road named after our family as only we live on said road). The engine that runs said cane mill is from a Model A Ford.

4. I have sung the Star Spangled Banner and God Save the Queen in a variety of churches in England with my high school choir. The combination of those two songs seemed to make everyone cry (don’t even get me started about Danny Boy).

5. I graduated university approximately 2 weeks before my 20th birthday.

6. I have won several thousand dollars in Vegas, cashed out, promptly carried the money to my room and rolled around in it just to know what that was like.

7. I have stood on the east coast and the west coast of the US in the same day.

8. I have never lived without at least one pet in my home (barring freshman year in the dorms when my pets had to stay home, but that doesn’t really count).

9. While I have had a cell phone since approximately 1998, I have never paid my own cell phone bill.

10. I have never been without health insurance (see #1).