String Glorious String!

It's been a busy weekend but a good one. I'm all pleased with myself at having finished half of my first knitting project (garters). I just need to go home and get the rest of the yarn to start on the second one. I bought all kinds of crafty goodies for my knitting and other string fetishes. I now have some new knitting needles and some very fine orange and black and blue yarn and an eyelet hole maker and a new lucet. I apparently have finally caught up with the rest of the Knowne World when it comes to these crafts, as I know I have tried both knitting and lucetting previously in my life and thrown my hands up in disgust. But I'm two for two so far in that I learned to knit last weekend and I learned to lucet string this weekend. Not sure what I'll tackle next weekend. :) The saga of my cell phone has finally come to rest, I think. My Treo 600 has been possessed for about two weeks now (that would be why I haven't been returning your calls). I finally got my replacement Treo 650 in the mail on Friday. I spent all day on Friday getting it setup. I think it was after midnight on Friday night before I finally got off the phone with them and they had "created a ticket" for me. She said to wait 36 hours before calling back. So at 2pm today I called up and they told me those 36 hours were only Monday through Friday so to call back on Tuesday afternoon or Wednesday morning. That's when we had the "oh, hell no!" conversation. The good news is that my phone had decided to reset itself and give itself a new password. We put it back and it works. My username has a typo in it now because tech support guy #4 can't type, but I don't really care at this point. It just works and that is enough. I'm syncing email and checking web pages from the phone. Hoorah.

Well, the Puddin' is snoozing next to me soundly so I think I'm going shop for bookshelves online. Wish me luck!