Happy Twelfth Night

Tonight is Twelfth Night. Tomorrow is the Epiphany. This is supposed to be the apex of the Christmas season. Twelve days of Christmas? Anybody?! I gave up and took the Christmas music off the phone system. All this week I have had folks reminding me. Some like they caught me doing something wrong. Some apologetically. And while I'm not even a very religious person, I just would like to keep Christmas around for a little longer than December 25th. Apparently no one would question it if we had Christmas hold music on November 1. But it's no good now. Ah well. I fought the man.

So let's look at some happy music stuff. I'm cleaning the house out to shuffle some stuff around for the Puddin'. And I found my case of cassette tapes. About half of them are dubs. But they're a fun little trip down memory lane. Come along with me ...

Akira soundtrack pj harvey The Beatles - Abbey Road, White album and various other mixes Huey Lewis and the News Dire Straits David Lee Roth Genesis Crowded House Crash Test Dummies Civil War soundtrack (from NPR - used for sound bytes in mixes) The Cranberries Richard Thompson Blues Traveler The Damned Depeche Mode Doc Watson Fame Soundtrack John Lee Hooker Living Colour George Harrison Hoodoo Gurus Harry Chapin Jim Croce Star Wars radio show (again for sound bytes) King Missile Kingston Trio Les Miserables The Lightning Seeds Matthew Sweet Meatloaf Michael Penn Monty Python All the Steve Martin vinyls on one tape Bobby McFerrin 38 Special The Dead Milkmen Stevie Ray Vaughan RUSH Phish Muddy Waters Ramones The Nighthawks Van Halen REM Rocky Horror Picture Show Devo Robyn Hitchcock The Smithereens The Smiths The Sundays Meryn Cadell Morissey Eric Clapton (random classical music) Jerry Garcia Ray Charles Elvis Bobby Darin The Church