I went to bed Friday night feeling a little under the weather (mostly tired). I woke up Saturday morning and felt like hell. So I've been sleeping for about four hours at a time and then puttering about for another four hours. I've almost completed a cycle of puttering and should be going to bed soon. :) The weird thing is I don't really feel sick in the typical ways. My head feels like it's full of wool. But I can still breathe through my nose. My ears don't ring most of the time, but my jaw aches from swollen lymph-nodes. Blech, I say.

So needless to say, the Puddin' went to his hockey game tonight without me. I had no interest or need to be in a cold ice rink at night. As he was packing up to leave, we could hear loud thunderclaps and see a few strikes of lightning. The Puddin' remarked how strange it was to have thunderstorms in December. Just then we open the garage door and realize it's snowing. So we had a thundersnowstorm. How strange. I'm waiting for locusts next.

I'm still woefully behind on holiday shopping, so I think it's time for a snack and some list making...

Stay warm, everyone!