Belated Turkey Recap

Good grief it's already Wednesday and I haven't said a thing about Thanksgiving weekend! Needless to say, it was fantastic. The Puddin' and I and his family had Thanksgiving brunch at the Jefferson hotel downtown. It was beautiful inside and there were lots of gilded things and oil paintings of dead presidents.

So since we ate so early, we could lounge about that evening and nap or putter. My family postponed Thanksgiving dinner until Friday evening and I was pretty pleased with that plan. We didn't have to eat two huge meals in one day and that gave us time for our Black Friday shopping. I didn't buy much, but made lots of lists for a future trip.

Highlights of the weekend were and coming to visit (hooray chatting all night!), my family all eating at the house with relatively little pain over the preparations, and tons of audio visual upgrades.

See, Saturday, I bought new speakers from the Bose store and the Puddin' and I proceeded to move all the furniture in the living room to place the speakers for optimum performance. This group effort proved to be far more pleasant and productive than the dishwasher. We allotted tasks out and supported each other in our frustrations. The Puddin' decided early on that he didn't think he would get that excited about expensive speakers given his hearing loss. But once we had it all set up and he could feel the ATAT walkers in his chest, he was very pleased.

I'm now listening to the Daily Show with digital sound and had recently finished playing Dance Dance Revolution with component video and digital output. My eyes and ears and dancing feet are overwhelmed.

I was very spoiled having five nights in a row with the Puddin' where we got tons done and still had plenty of relaxation time. By the time Sunday night rolled around and we were recapping the weekend to ourselves, it seemed like an epic novel.