I'm sure there's a model that would install itself somewhere.

The Puddin' and I have a dishwasher installed. It only took two days, a busted hose, eight adapters (7 of which we no longer need), five trips to the hardware store, a few snotty tissues and every towel in the house. Thankfully, we have developed some new ground rules for working on projects together if said project is something about which neither of us know a damn thing. I think we both assumed that our being reasonably smart people was plenty for the project. Like my old boss would say, "what do stupid people do?!"

But in the end, we got hot water to come out of a copper pipe, into a reinforced hose (the right hose eventually) and into the dishwasher. We got it levelled and mounted to the cabinet and the front plate installed. We got the cap popped out of the already installed garbage disposal so that the drain water had somewhere to go (something we forgot about for the first two hours of the project). We found that Home Depot sells something called a dishwasher/disposal adapter (who would have known?). And we found that the float attachment to the kill switch for the water intake valve was bent all to hell and that straightening it goes a long way to getting water into the dishwasher.

So next time we need to install something, we'll do a little more homework first and divide the labor a little more easily so we're wrestling around like two people trying to put on the same sweater. But all in all we did really well and we'll have a way to wash all 5932 dishes that get used on Thanksgiving day. So the sad little "I'm not hooked up right now. :(" post-it has been removed from the front and I'm already making lists of the next items we can work on ... eventually.