This Old House

I went out for a walk with the dog last night. It was brisk but pleasant and the sky was very pretty. Around the corner from me is a house for sale. It's pretty large but very "Brady Show" looking in its architecture, so not really my style. The more fascinating thing is that they're building a house on the side yard of that lot. This new contruction home is a four bedroom, two and a half bath with a two car garage. But I almost fell over when I read the price of $365,000. That's literally three times the price of my house. I could tear my house to the ground, start over and build a new one and it would be cheaper than this house. So, I've decided that eventually I won't be able to afford my own neighborhood because the property taxes will run me out. That or I'll put a new roof on my house and sell it to make millions. If nothing else, it was interesting to read the flyer saying that "from your front door go a few blocks to a beautiful beach on the Chesapeake Bay, where you can watch sun rise (their wording/spacing, not mine), fish or just relax." Most people talk about spring cleaning, but these chilly evenings lately have inspired a cleaning urge all their own for me. I've turned into OCD Girl, sorting receipts and cleaning out my Tivo (I watched two HBO movies last night) and generally sorting the universe. Nevermind the new layout for LJ, I've also done all the laundry in the house and have been pulling out clothes to give to the thrift store. All this weeding and yet, I filled my SUV with boxes this weekend from Maryland to bring back home because they were so very nice and sturdy and a good size. It would be a shame to let good boxes go to waste. Ah, yes, I am my parents' child.

In all of my obsession to clean out the Tivo, I've watched 482 episodes of What Not to Wear and realized today that I untucked the undershirt under my jumper (that's British for sweater, you know) to lengthen my torso in comparison to my very long legs. Damned if that Trinny and Susannah didn't know what they were talking about all along. My torso looked great all day!