Cleaning House

So I'm moving stuff around. I've revamped my layout on the LiveJournal site (including learning all about S2 styles). I have learned how to do all kinds of crap, yet can't seem to change the colors of my links or the size of a few fonts. At the moment I'm setting it aside before I get all grumpy about it. I've archived my Diaryland account for the moment. I've been duplicating entries for months and that's getting old. So I've simplified and that is pleasing.

Some of you who saw this weekend may have noticed he didn't sport the goatee I spoke of earlier. I think after my repeated questioning of how long this new style would last I got my own little facial hair strip tease in the shower Saturday morning. First I thought he was going to just trim it up a little. Then I thought he was going for some sort of moustache thing. Suddenly, there was nothing left but some ridiculous "flavor saver" on his chin. And then, he was back to the Puddin' I know and love! While the brindle whiskers were handsome, I think I prefer my Puddin' with a smooth finish.

I'm still working my way steadily through the Dark Tower series. I'm about halfway through the last book and while I want to read it, can't seem to find the spare moments. I'm hoping to have it done soon, just so that the Puddin' and I can chat about it and he won't have to find other women with whom to have passioned discussions. ;)