One Man's Trash ...

I can't help it. I'm an emotional person by nature. I cried on the way home today. I tried to be calm and logical and maybe even a little cynical, but in the end, I just got sad. Sad and confused. So let's talk about something else, shall we?

It was the night before trash pickup last night and on the way home from my parents' I spotted some lovely garbage out for the taking. So I pulled my BMW X5 over on the side of the road at 8pm and walked up to the curb to start digging through my neighbors' junk. In the end, all I took was a dog carrier that would be palacial for Connor but a bit small for Sarah. But other than some dirt on the top of it, it's in perfect condition. I left the toddler sized "play kitchen" behind mostly because I couldn't fit it in my car and I don't actually have a toddler myself. But I did feel a bit of hope in getting something for nothing (and my crates for free).

I've been doing various homework online and found a very interesting web site: TeenWire. In particular, it was fascinating to see the section on girls with boyfriends in Iraq.