Rocking the Vote

I went to vote this morning, making it through in less than an hour. Several people mentioned in line that they had never seen lines this long. It's pretty exciting all around. If I were a poll worker, I would have had some ideas on how to make it a little more efficient, but all in all it was fine. I'm trying to stay optimistic in general today. I'm not going to bitch about mean things that people have said about candidates or voters. I'm not going to bitch about inefficiencies in the system. I'm just excited that people really are voting.

This was the first time I've voted in my "home district" where I spent my childhood. So when I walked up to check in, my name was right there in with my parents and brother. It was a warm fuzzy kind of moment. It only got better when I saw my brother walk in 10 minutes after me and we gave an eyebrow raising nod to each other.

So I'm spending my evening watching the news (including the Daily Show live at 10pm) and hoping for the best.