So after almost 24 hours of not sleeping at all due to a rotting wisdom tooth in the back of his head, the Puddin' is snoozing away next to me with an ice pack on his face. Even copious amounts of Vicodin didn't seem to keep the drum line from pounding in the left side of his face all day and night. But it did make him very sluggish and silly. Ah, good times. My day at work involved working on various emails and web pages while babysitting the Puddin'. Everyone in my office has gotten some sot of plague or another over the last two weeks so each morning it's a head count to see who's still among the upright. It's like a bizarre episode of Survivor where each employee gets sick and voted off the company's island for a day or two.

I've changed the hold music at work to spooooky organ music in honor of the holiday. It's the little things at my job that bring me such joy. Most of the week has been spent herding cats for one thing or another. I'm just happy all the cats have gone home for the weekend and I can get some rest for a day or two.

Apparently I also have my own Count Dracula. I looked over about an hour ago and the Puddin' had blood running out of the corner of his mouth where his gauze was supposed to be. He'd also managed to wipe his face at some point and covered all of his face and hands with it, miraculously missing his clothes and the pillows. He didn't even wake up while I cleaned him up. :)

Ah, it looks like the Count is waking up and might want some dinner soon. Have a good weekend everyone!