No Voice and Yet So Much to Say

It's been a very productive weekend for me. Friday night I went over and checked in with my brother and father at My Brother's New House (MBNH). They were finishing up the drywall in the ceiling of the garage and all I really did was offer some moral support. But it was fun all the same. I got my hair colored and cut on Friday as well as went to see Gary. Talking to ZeeZee and Gary for 2 hours straight was just enough to do in my voice. So by the time I went to bed on Friday, I was fearful I would wake up to no voice at all. Saturday I got up early and it was just as I had feared ... I was Squeaky McSqueak, with little to no voice. But I headed of MBNH to help out brother and father on some yard work. There was talk of taking trash to the transfer station and I was excited. In all of my years in my family, I'd never actually been to the transfer station or the dump. So the thought of seeing this magical place intrigued me. Both Dad and Perry talked about various rules that existed at the whim of the transfer station staff, such as what they would take or charge for dumping. So we attempted to hide any questionable material at the bottom of the truck.

Perry and I headed to the transfer station with a pickup truck loaded with limbs and brush and junk. And no one batted an eyelash at us. We unloaded at the station and watched the lady there drive a front loader type vehicle thing that was something out of Mad Max. I swear you could have charged big bucks for 15 minutes on this thing. We also found out that they didn't limit our number of trips and they were open until 4pm. The day was looking up!

So we loaded up the truck with yet more brush and limbs and junk two more times and headed back. All told that took us until 3:30pm or so. I had just enough time to get home and meet the Puddin'. We napped and had a snack and then it was off to my high school reunion.

This weekend was my ten year high school reunion. I went with a bit of trepidation, but ended up having a grand time. The dress on the invitation said "casual" but apparently that means "casual,while still impressing everyone you meet" because I only saw two pairs of jeans in the whole room. There was the usual "drunk girl" who I think showed up that way. But mostly I was there to see my old friends. There were many who couldn't make it, and I'm sad I missed them. But I did get to see Kristophe and Becca and they both are doing very well. It is reassuring that when so much in all of our lives has happened, that we are still very much the same at our roots and we still get along very well. I drank enough to have fun and still not be "drunk girl" and look forward to the 15 or 20 year reunions in the future.

The rest of the weekend was more cleaning at MBNH and some puttering about at the house. The Puddin' cleaned my bedroom for me while I sewed curtains because he is just that sweet to me. I think the rest of our evening involves watching the History channel and snoozing. But I must go now because the kitten has brought me a mouse on the front porch and keeps crying for me to come see. She is the world's most thoughtful cat.