I had a good weekend. We took Friday off and headed up north to rally the troops and head to Kingdom Crusades in Darlington, MD. Despite a late start, all went well. I'm soooo pleased with the coronet I bought from Aldred that morning. It meets all of my requirements for a fine piece of jewelry. It weighs nearly nothing, it hinges for easy transport, it's pretty and it was a good price. Woot to Mike and his talents!

I told everyone that I was originally going to buy a vacuum cleaner but apparently was now buying a coronet instead. But I went home and looked at the ever growing piles of dog hair in my house and did some budgeting and decided I could have bling bling and a new vacuum in my life.

So I ran out and bought the Dyson vacuum from CostCo. It rocks. It must say something about me that I ran out to go buy a vacuum cleaner last night and then did my own test on the living room floor. I vacuumed with the original Hoover I have and then followed up with the Dyson to see what it would pick up that Hoover left behind. It was so neat I actually vacuumed the whole house and came back home tonight to vacuum again as a test. I was one step away from making my own infomercial.

So for those who missed it, here are some pics from the weekend. Enjoy!