My Cat the Dare Devil

I left on Friday night for the event in Northern Virginia. I sat in the floor with my kitty, wondering if she would be okay. Her back side had gotten a little swollen and I was worried that something was wrong. But she was eating and meowing and acting very active and normal. So I thought maybe I was just being overprotective. Mom called on Saturday around lunch to say that Isis was sick and she was taking her to the vet. Thanks to my mother's expert care and the emergency vet, my cat is now sporting a fashionable blue collar and two shunts in her back draining her absess.

? GenieAlisa

But other than angsting over my cat, worrying that I was a negligent cat mother, my weekend was great. I was worried about going to the SCA event on Saturday because of all the bad weather, but it was a beautiful day! I had a wonderful time of lounging about with friends and buying TONS of fabric at the silent auction. One particular prize was 13 yards of orange corduroy that I'm not sure what I'm going to do with it yet, but it's going to be luscious, whatever it is.

I also met several new friends on Saturday who were very nice. So I had a good little "play date" as it were.

Sunday we made great progress on a new camp bed to replace our old one. It was a fairly relaxed adventure and we even managed to fit both the old and new beds in the car to get home.

Oh, which leads me to other discussions of my car. The Puddin' and I checked in at the front gate of the event on Saturday. I was holding Rich and my membership cards. I had a check to pay for our fees. Rich was standing with me. They took our information and my check. They looked at the information and wrote Rich's name on an index card to put in "his" car. I took the card, stunned, and walked out with Rich ... and immediately started poking fun and my sweet. "Oh, can you open 'your' car so I can get to my purse? What a nice BMW you have, Puddin. I know because there's a card right in the dash that says Puddin' Puck-Eater for all the world to see." I am not criticizing those who worked the gate as they were just trying to get cars labelled. But I did get worked up about it a bit.

And on that note, I leave you with one more picture of my sweet kitten, as she has nested herself on my arms and I'm losing feeling in my fingers.

? GenieAlisa