Here Comes the Rain (again)

You all have been so good handling the heartbreak of losing the Mini, that I should reward you with pictures of the new Magic Lamp. Unfortunately, the weather doesn't cooperate with me and it's currently pouring outside, so pics will have to wait until the skies are a little more clear and sunny. Perhaps Monday after work. The new car is very fine and very roomy. The stereo is one of its finer points (the stereo in the Mini was superb but if you raised the volume but so much EVERYTHING in the car shook and rattled). I have also been impressed with the GPS and look forward to trying it out in a place where I don't already know where I'm going.

I spent two hours the other night tearing the house apart trying to find the special wrench that was used to remove my roof rack from the Mini. I'm convinced it's in the car itself and may have to go by the dealership in person to be sure. Just to have closure. Because it's sure as hell nowhere in the house. Holy crap, did I ever find other stuff though. I found my wayward iPod. I found the earbuds for the iPod and the charger for the iPod and the car adapter for the iPod (each in a separate room). I found lots of old letters and coupons and receipts. I found enough change to buy lunch all this week. I found all kinds of Mini paraphenalia that I had received over the years from the marketing folks. But I found no wrench. I suspect the BMW dealership will be replacing it if they won't let me look in the car one last time for it.

This weekend was Last Chance and all its heat. Sitting out there in the gravy-like air that afternoon, I was pleased to not be going to Pennsic. I think I'll start re-emerging into the SCA as a whole but I don't think I'll start by camping in the deserts of Pennsylvania for a week. I still have a pavilion to finish! I did however spend nearly all day at the Minister of the List table and had a surprisingly good time. I chatted with folks, had a good seat for the action and got to play with stationary all day. Who could ask for more? Ella seems to share my passion for office supplies as it were and I can see myself going on a shopping spree soon for all things pen and paper. Both Ilsa and Ella were very sweet to gift me with stationary and I look forward to my next chance (no pun intended) to help out.

The rain looks like it's slacking, so I'm off to video tape the Puddin between the posts for hockey night. I've been promised a late night dinner at Friday's as well. :)