Meow! No, you can't go out.

I'm having a nightly discussion about how she can't go outside until her butt heals. Saturday night, I called for her twice and she wouldn't come inside. Rich called for her and she came in at his request. As she hopped on the bed he exclaimed "what happened to her butt?!". My black goddess had gotten into some cat fight and cut a hole in her butt just below her tail. As if she had two assholes.

So we wrapped her in a towel and diagnosed the situation. And we then drove her to the emergency vet at 12:15am. Did I mention their fees go up to $65 for a visit after midnight? As promised by the nurse, they were empty at that hour (things must not pick up until after the kitty bars close). We were home again, $200 poorer and with a kitten high on morphine. Her eyes were like a raccoon's. She was staggering around like a stoner kitty. We had to shut her up in the bedroom with us so she wouldn't fall down the stairs.

So now we have this same chat every evening over her wet food with ground up antibiotics. Rich is convinced that she only does this to get the wet food. But all is well in the world.