Fidgeting in general

So I'm a dummy and didn't take my Macrobid like I should have. And now I'm paying the price in pussy pain. I'm hoping for some relief soon but the pain meds have only taken the edge off. I know I get bladder infections. I know the cause and effect of all of this. I have a giant bottle of low grade antibiotics that I should be taking every day. And still I foolishly challenge medicine by thinking for several nights in a row "I feel fine. I don't usually get bladder infections this time of the month anyway. I don't really need to take a pill. How bad can it be?" Let me tell you - for the record - it can be very, very bad.

But enough of that. In amongst trips to the potty and drinking 8432 gallons of water, I'm making lists of things for the weekend to bring to Richmond and catching up on Tivo goodness. Rich and I are still one episode behind in the Sopranos (although we know all about the Big News (tm) and such) but we did knock out three episodes in a row last night.

Rich was gone for most of last week in LA for his training. I tried to look on the bright side of this separation by thinking of things I could do that I couldn't normally do while he was around. But all I could manage was acquiring pinot noir wine and listening to country music in the car. Woot. Really, I just puttered about the house and missed him and waited for him to come back to the east coast.

I found this bad ass serger that I really must have, but am trying to be all responsible and pay some bills first before I buy myself a toy. Sure I could justify it as my birthday present to myself or the use of several bonuses lumped together I've never done anything with yet. But I think I'll wait until I can actually find the entire sewing table and it's not covered in junk before I treat myself to a fantastic item such as this. Damn that fiscal responsibility.

I still spent over $100 in Price Club this week, though, on books and DVDs. I think I should be able to move that category of spending in my Money 2003 account to something out of the "leisure" categories and more into the "household" or "bills" or "absolute essentials" category. I am quite certain I needed the Baking Illustrated cookbook as much as I need power or water.