It takes a village to raise a diabetic

I'm doing much better these days. In addition to the beautiful weather, I've had lots of positive experiences lately. Saturday I went to Curves. But this time I went to the one by my house. It was like a different world. Joyce was working out with the other ladies but stopped when she didn't recognize me. I told her my name and said I was a visitor from the Fairfield office. But soon enough she had my street and had rattled off all these other neighbors of mine who were also members. The group there was much more chatty and really had a sense of ownership of their little shop. Everyone was very nice and I even learned some more about the machines.

I put together the new lawn mower that the Lawn Mower Fairy (aka Dad) had left and marvelled at my freshly manicured lawn. Puddin' and I finished off the day with a bit of kite flying, despite the lack of much wind.

Sunday we played ping pong and bought matching cheap bikes from Target. I have since upgraded my seat and passed on my gel seat cover (with comfort zone in the center) to Puddin' to help comfort his man zone. We covered a lot of ground and had a grand time.

And this week I've successfully shipped my spare medical supplies to three needy souls in Harrisonburg. Nebraska and Sault Ste Marie, Ontario. My lady from Harrisonburg works for a language learning software company and sent me the software for German I and II in exchange, which arrived today. And I'm negoiating with my Canuck friend for some hockey goodies. I'm not sure what Omaha has to offer that I need really so I didn't pursue that. But all in all, I'm pretty pleased with our trades. I even sent them some pics of the Chesapeake Bay as a sort of oversized post card. So it really does take a village to raise a diabetic.