Lots of Curse Words on Easter Sunday

And I had such high hopes for the weekend. I came to Richmond on Thursday night. Worked from the house on Friday. Felt really good about things and got a lot done. Rich and I went to have dinner with one of our licensees and her family. It was much more of a social call than any sort of business affair. But we still let work pick up the bill. I angsted over Rich's apparent sour mood but he told me twice that he was fine so I was determined to let it go. Instead I just angsted quietly. He did get a free steak dinner and get to chat with a very nice group of folks. But still I felt bad.

All day Saturday I felt ookey. We slept in until about 10am or so. But each time we ventured out into the world I would start feeling sickly again. We tried twice to go to Wal-Mart and buy Easter candy, but to no avail. I was moody about that as well but chalked it up to my headache and resolved to take more Advil and go back to bed.

Dinner got moved up and hastened so that we could watch the hockey game. This is playoff season and it's the time of year when a lot of our schedule revolves around who is playing who when. Byron and Sarah came over to watch both the college game and the Flyers game at the same time. To Rich's credit his volume level was very restrained given the stakes of the game and the opposing team being the Devils. But brother Lee made up for it in volume and curmudgeon behavior. In hindsight, I probably just should have gone to bed, but I wanted to be at least a little involved, so I curled up on the couch and napped in between major plays (and shouts from Lee). I try to be a supportive hockey girlfriend but just wasn't up to it last night.

Rich promised we could go out for Easter candy after the game. So at 10:30pm, we trekked to Wal-Mart again to try our hand. Rich went off to get Velcro for a hockey and fighting armor project. I heeded his warnings about not leaving my bag in the cart and started carrying my catch back to the basket in shifts. After about the third or fourth trip, I returned to my cart which was completely empty. Someone had taken all of my candy and baskets and walked off with it. And just as I returned, an overburdened husband was claiming my now empty cart for his own.

At that point I just lost it. I threw my candy down and made a purposeful patrol up and down the aisle in an attempt to seek out the rat bastard who had taken my three finest baskets and candy for their own. I was absolutely disgusted. I rounded the last turn, not a blade of green plastic grass to be found that would lead me to my lost potential purchases, only to meet back up with Rich, Velcro and snaps in hand.

I think Rich showing up at that point was the only thing that saved that entire half of Wal-Mart from a full-blown diatribe from me. I was ready to climb up on the Easter egg dying display and spew forth a venomous lecture to all of them. But instead I just turned to Rich and said "get me out of this fucking place before I do something I regret. Fuck all of these people. Fuck Wal-Mart. I'm going home." Rich tried in vain to console me. I wanted nothing to do with any of that white trash Easter Bunny polluting filth. I don't go to their church on Sunday morning and piss in their Communion dish. So they could show a little self restraint as I went about my yearly ritual for the holiday. It was all I could do to keep my voice down as we left the store. I was like a crazy old man that gets ushered out of the pharmacy when they deny his prescriptions. I may have even shook my fist in the air.

So no Easter baskets this year. It's something that I've really enjoyed doing in years past. But I couldn't even give Wal-Mart the satisfaction of coming back today and buying the same items at 90% off.

We had another major emergency at work today (the power went out at our colocation - the whole damn reason that we moved there was for improved power). And I felt torn between trying to make Rich happy and get to his parents on time and trying to help Bossman and Kathy by calling our colocation contacts and raising hell in a sweet voice to get stuff fixed. I seemed to only manage to make everyone upset and disappointed. Not such a winner of a day. We did get in a good visit with the Puddin's family, even if it was an hour later than planned.

And we made it back in time so that he and his brother could pack for their hockey game. Who the hell has a league game on EASTER SUNDAY?! Unless they're playing for a Stanley cup, I don't get it. I guess this is what just makes me a casual fan. So I'm staying home, babysitting the psycho Ogie dog so that he won't tunnel an escape and waiting for the Puddin' to come back home.

I think I'm just going back to bed.