Curves is going well. I have gone three times last week and my mother has actually gone four. She's so great. She was telling Puddin' on Saturday "I'm still waiting for that burst of energy that everyone keeps talking about but mostly I'm just tired." But kudos to her for sticking to it. I've found that the Curves crowd is a chatty bunch. I've heard more about all of these women's neighbors and office mates and husbands and bunions or anything else that comes to mind that I ever thought I would need to know. I must admit, though, it makes the time fly by.

Saturday morning we picked up my new washer and dryer. They are a used set of the Maytag Neptune laundry system and they are quite honestly the finest things I ever put my clothes in. I did six loads of laundry over the weekend, each well timed and perfectly tempered for cotton/sturdy or delicates or wrinkle resistance. I love them so much. I never knew laundry could be so satisfying. I'm glad I saved all that laundry all over my bedroom floor now for this momentous occasion.

My new office continues to be fantastic. I have a much better layout of space and a good view of the street outside the office. The world is my corporate oyster at the moment.

I've been coughing constantly for all of last week. I finally started to get better on Friday. But my plans for sleeping through the night went from double and triple doses of Robitussin to prescription pain killers so that I may cough but could at least sleep through it. I did well over the weekend but it has started up again today. I'm forced to entertain the idea that I may be allergic to my new office.

And my left eye has been tender and itchy for three weeks now. I've been using special drops that the doctor gave me all to no avail. I'm getting tired of wearing glasses (or more specifically not wearing sunglasses outside) and have made a follow up appt for Friday to have him look at my eyeball again and fix it for good. I never thought I would miss contacts this much, but the novelty of my stylish glasses is wearing off and being replaced by the annoyance of awkward hugs and kisses and constant smudges.

The wall builders will be arriving in the office tomorrow morning to begin construction and I can hope that they will not be that disturbing in exchange for the great changes they'll be making. Wish us luck!