Lots has been going on around here. Earlier this week I lost my voice. The first day was pretty cool in that I sounded like Dr. Melfi from the Sopranos. Puddin' spent one morning in the car making me talk for him so I could entertain him with, "I just don't think that would be appropriate, Anthony." and other therapeutic quotes. But alas, it quickly degenerated into truck stop waitress. So my quotes shifted to "you want grits with that?" instead.

I think I've almost got my voice back. It's a little funky now and then, but so far so good. My latest frustration has been my right ear's decision to completely stop up and either feel like it has an ice pick in it or ring incessantly. Ringing is much preferable, let me tell you.

Another milestone is that I joined Curves last week. talked so highly of it and there is a location literally across the street from my office. There's another one only a smidge over a mile from my house, so things look convenient in that respect.

I was greeted by the world's most enthusiastic trainer who gave me his schpeal and a short tour of the building. This place in question, is really just a big room with the "circuit" in it and a room to change. But for $29/month, I really can't complain. I'm hoping that it will be a good way for me to decompress from work on the way home and still have time to get to the house before Sarah does the doggie potty dance.

The astounding thing is that I got Mrs. Bossman to join. That isn't so astounding in that she had been wanting to join before. But it might be nice to see a familiar face in the room. But the big deal is that I got my mother to join. I'm so excited! I might go work out at the one by the house, just so I could work out with her. I'm really proud of her for going. I think she was starting to feel back when the "proactive" nurses call from the insurance company asking what she's doing to help her heart. So now she can tell them that she's going to Curves. :) Go mom!

Due to my cold, Puddin' and I didn't do much this weekend but go to Corby's for dinner and BJ's to browse. I found bootleg jeans in a 36" inseam so I'm soooo pleased with my hem touching the floor. I even had to roll them up a bit. For my height, this is truly a novelty. We visited my new sofa that I will buy as soon as I have a space for it and some extra cash. And I picked up the latest Futurama season on DVD. All in all a relaxing weekend.

I'm off to find some dinner and then move some furniture around the office. We have lots of changes happening over the next few weeks with new employees and employees moving here so I've got to make some space for them. The exercise of dragging desks around and spatially organizing my space will be a welcome relief from the work today.