The Good, the Bad and the Stupid and Ugly

Good and bad things over the past few days... I am low on cash these days for random purchases like new tires and insulin pumps etc. I filed my taxes and should be getting a sizeable check for my refund.

I have that shaky low blood sugar desperate for food feeling right now. I am currently eating Breyers chocolate ice cream and licking the bottom of the bowl.

I had a pretty crappy University (all two hours of it that I was there) in that I spent too much time doing mundane things or talking to folks I didn't really want to talk to at the time. I felt annoyed and upset about the whole thing. But I did see Sue take on a position she's been looking forward to and was very proud of her. Go team!

Work has been annoying the crap out of me in tangible and intangible ways. While driving through peanut farms Saturday I had a client call about his web server not working when I would have sworn it did Friday night after moving his server. I lost power on my laptop and walked on site to University to find a corner with power and connected via cellular modem to his server to fix the stupid mistake I should have found the night before. My client was very grateful and pleasant on the phone, they said I saved the day and thanked me again this morning. And my cool employee will be moving here from our remote office next month to hopefully make some of these transitions smoother. She also might sell me her kick ass washer and dryer for a bargain price so she can upgrade.

We drove way the hell out to "Surprising Suffolk" (Virginia's largest city) to go to Dave and Alex's wedding. I was crying and mopey up until an hour before the wedding. The wedding was beautiful, the reception pleasant, an old man hit on me telling me I was gorgeous while Puddin' and I slow-danced and I kicked butt on the electric slide with the Puddin' cheering me on from the bar. We likened my dancing and his support to his fighting and my cheering from the sidelines. I left in a good mood and on Rich's arm and he gracefully allowed me to sleep the entire way home while he drove my snoozing butt back to the house.

I'm trying to not be fretful and pissy about everything I see, but my usual optimism has fallen by the wayside these days. I'm just in an "everything is stupid and ugly" frame of mind it seems.

But I'm taking joy in cleaning my sewing room, finding old mementos, walking my dog on a daily basis and petting the luscious black cat.