These boots are made for walkin' ...

Things are much better today. I actually made the attempt to get home this morning. Puddin' cleared off my car and pushed me out of my space and up the hill. I even got out onto 295 and onto 64 East. But then my tire monitor went off and I just didn't want to deal with that. (Yes, my car has a light that goes off if it senses that any one of the tires has a lower pressure than the others. Resistance is futile.) So I turned around and worked from the house. That is one major bonus to my job is the ability to work from pretty much anywhere with a high speed internet connection. We checked the tires this evening and they were fine. I think it was a fluke. I'll attempt another run home tomorrow morning and if the monitor goes off I'll take it to BMW service and make them deal with it. Sometimes I just really love having a car still under warranty. I like going into a dealership and saying "make it go."

My doctor's appt got cancelled and I should have a fresh one later this week. By the end of the week I hope to have my paperwork done and I'll just be waiting around for my new pump.

Tangentially related, I wanted to recap the fantastic clothes I found in Vegas. I had this icky stomach thing going on which caused me to sleep most of the trip. I was pretty upset about this, but it did save me several hundred dollars, I'm sure of it. So in the short stints of energy I did have, Puddin' and I would go shopping. I found an amazing set of boots. The boots I've always wanted. The ones that zip up the back and are skin tight over my calves and come up to just below my knees and are black and shiny and have long squared toes and ridiculously high heels. Yeah, those shoes.

These shoes then sparked a quest for an outfit to wear with them. There were no ass kicking outfits in my suitcase to match said ass kicking boots. So we quested and came back extremely successful. We even saw Mike Tyson while in the mall (the facial tattoo really gave it away). We returned from our adventure with a black halter top, black mini skirt and matching black patten leather handbag. I think the greatest compliment I could have had was when my coworker's friend told him that he rode in the elevator with one of those expensive prostitutes, not realizing he was in the elevator with me. Ah yes. Wondrous shoes indeed. I still lost money, but I enjoyed resting my tits on the blackjack table a little more in my outfit.

The tangent to this was that one other outfit I found was gorgeous and on sale but had absolutely nowhere to store my pump as it was backless and spaghetti strapped. I would have had to wear a thigh holster like an undercover cop. Did I mention it was sparkly? Sigh. Oh well. I had nowhere to wear it and I would have had to haul around another medical bag to replace the insulin pump for the evening. Not worth it, overall. And besides the boots didn't go with it at all.