DLand - Still Perky After All These Years

I had a pretty good holiday, as it were. The time chez Puddin' was much better than could be expected and while my family got an incredibly late start to Christmas, we finished it off well. Mom and Dad have a new digital camera and color photo printer so that they can start capturing magic moments again. I've got some fantastic jewelry, a superior headlamp (for crawling around at night) some great wine accessories and a renewed sense of hope about my company and life in general. Things really are very great.Puddin' humored me last night and took me to two stores to find black eyed peas so that we could bring in the new year with luck. I wasn't up for cabbage for wealth, so we just stuck with luck for now. So far it's been holding. Today has been hard in that it feels for all the world like Monday (complete with driving to work from Richmond at 5:30am) but really is Friday. So it's been like trying to cram an entire work week in one day. The worst was almost missing my appointment with Gary. I have missed him over the past few weeks and ended up being a good 20 minutes late. He waited for me, though, like a good sport and we still got a good chat in before we both had to go. Despite all the running around, though, I'm in fantastic spirits. I'm looking forward to going home and tidying up a bit before heading to the parents to help load some pictures and then listening to the Gunslinger book on cd in the car with the dogs on the way to Puddin's. The greyness of the day hasn't dampened my mood in the slightest.