DLand - The Winter Years

This is just a jiffy update as time is cramped these days.We went to New York this past weekend and it was very nice. I don't know that the four of us need to spend that much time all together. But I had a grand time overall. The evening partying with Shrewsbury Hose Company No. 1 was one of many highlights.

The time off was, as always, never long enough. But Christmas is soon. I came home to find out that Ms. Bea had died the night before. Her liver had failed and we guess that at this point she just gave up. Dad says that in elderly couples when one dies the other rarely lives three more years. I wonder if they would put "loneliness" on her death certificate as cause of death. I know that Daddy Byron's passing really hurt her. So maybe she's happy now. Maybe they can have a happy Christmas together wherever they are. It's overwhelming to me that she's gone. They were my grandparents for all practical purposes. Just makes me want to squeeze those that I love dearly all the more. I promise a cheerier update soon. But for now, much love to you all.