DLand - Turkey Day Recap

Another holiday come and gone and another one close on its heels. I've got a busy month planned ahead of me. Client release, trip to New York, cosmetic changes to the house and a lot of video games.Rich and I have been playing a D&D game on the XBox and it may be the most I've spent in front of a video game console since I was 12. I'm playing an elf wizard and he's a fighter dude. We must be the world's most polite gaming duo. “No, you take that potion, Baby, I have plenty.” “Oh, I couldn't, I took all that mithral plate on the last level. Here let me carry that for you and when we get back to the Castle Shoppe I'll give it to you to sell.” The hockey game was great. Cavorting with Kevin and Jake was grand. Seeing Mike and Sue's new place was a treat. And Susie's hair looks awesome. All in all a fantastic holiday. And now it's back to the grind as it were. The silver lining is that our new pinball machine arrives later this week.