DLand - You Don't Have Mail

Someone has been trying to send me an e-mail for the last three days. Everytime they attempt to send it, it kills my mailbox on the mail server. If I send an email to myself it will clear it out and I can continue to get emails. But I never get an email from the mystery sender. The same thing happens for Bossman occasionally.Our attempts to get our “mail server admin” to do anything about this have been basically fruitless. So at this point about four to five times a day, my e-mail makes me absolutely furious. I wish I could contact the mystery person. I wish I knew if it were a real e-mail or one of the many I get about longer harder mortgages or whatever. I wish my “mail server admin” could feel the anger I have boiling inside me. I have this little red wagon of complaints and gripes that I've been carrying around behind me for a while now. But on the bright side, Outlook 2003 is very slick and I like it very much.