So Friday morning my dryer died. It's been coughing and wheezing for a few weeks now, but it finally just went adjustable legs up. Shortly after, I started the torturous work of trying to decide what to do about this. I didn't really know what kind of dryer I wanted to go in its place. I hadn't really planned on spending money on that this month. Not with a Vegas trip planned for January and Christmas right around the corner.

Bossman said I should get a Whirlpool Duet set like he got recently. To the tune of $2000. Awesome appliances and ones that I would love to have but not right this moment.

My father would have wanted to fix the one I had. This dryer is (was) over 20 years old. And while it is a Maytag and tough as nails, it's theoretically lived a good life. And I was uncertain that this repair would happen anytime soon. I really didn't want to go to the laundrymat if I could avoid it.

So I did the mature thing and avoided it. I figured I had at least two weeks of clothes to hold me over and I could postpone any decision.

Mix into this my desire to sell my sectional sofa. I'm hoping to sell this giant piece of expensive furniture, in order to afford another set of expensive appliances. But that's not going to happen anytime soon as expensive things that are hard to move don't sell very fast (wanna buy a sofa?). So again with the feet dragging and hemming and subsequent hawing.

And then came the e-mail from Daddy:

Perry reminded me that your dryer is broke --- I kept forgetting to put it on my "to do" list.

Just got done checking out the Imperial Maytag (w/Intellidry) that I found on curb --- door wraps over the top.

Was clear and definite solution --- seems to work normal in both modes --- but I guess we'll run a load to make sure (shake out kinks) before taking it over.

Motor was stalling --- piece of rag lodged in fan (impeller) plus belt idler pulley bearing was bound up with yuck. I guess the belt was sliding on smooth stalled pulley until the rag got in the fan.

Kept meaning to use your dryer to trouble shoot the other two electronic-dry Maytags. But with three of them, it's worth buying a controller --- suspect that might be what's wrong with all three.

Most (if not all) "Automatic dry" that are not electronic overheats clothes --- is false advertising.

with a follow up email that says it's not an Imperial but a Neptune. Like a $600 dryer ... the kind I had considered buying but didn't think I could afford right now. So my father, who I was lamenting would freak out should I purchase a new dryer, went out and reclaimed a dryer for me from the curb a block from my house and delivered it here and take the other dryer away. Dad rocks. Maytag rocks.

I'm off to do laundry now.